Commercial Carpet Clean Melbourne


AAA Sparkling Property Services are the experts at Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is imperative for health and hygiene reasons. AAA Sparkling Property Services is a specialist commercial cleaning service for all types of businesses – from small businesses to large corporations, public and private sector clients.


Vacuuming alone simply cannot achieve the same level of results. Our total service approach aims to achieve new depths in intensive carpet cleaning.  We use only top of the range machinery that will guarantee a thorough and comprehensive clean. Also, we give you peace of mind with our itemised quotes. This ensures there are no surprises.  

When you engage Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, you can expect your carpet to be fully revitalised, with renewed softness and freshness. It will also extend the life expectancy over time, remove allergens, dust mites and bacteria. In fact, it will also enhance indoor environments, by removing odours and organic waste.


We are your one-stop-shop for all your carpet needs. If you’re looking for professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, you can expect a high standard of service that is convenient and affordable. We offer a choice of ‘needs-based’ services that cater to individual needs and requirements.  This includes:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning – Enjoy a vibrant chemical-free clean, ideal for those living with allergies
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning Achieve a deep thorough clean with no water or moisture in sight. Your newly pristine carpet is ready to walk on within minutes
  • Rug Cleaning – Keep those statement carpet pieces in top condition and cleanliness
  • Spot and Stain Removal – Eliminate stubborn blemishes that detract from your carpet’s appearance and quality

If you’re interested in getting started with some commercial carpet cleaning, contact us today on 1300 999 559 or 0499 999 555, for a no-obligation, free quote.