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Health and Safety



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At AAA Sparkling Property Services, health and safety is our priority. We care about the health and safety of you, your business, your industry, and our employees is our priority.


OHS: We comply with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation and procedures.


Work Safe: At AAA Sparkling Property Services, we understand the importance of safety at work, and comply with best practice in all that we do.


EMP: Our EMP crane operators are fully trained and certified.


Induction white card: Our employees are required to have a valid induction for construction work white card.


Police checks: All of our employees are required to have a valid police check.


Working with children: All of our employees are required to have a valid working with children check. Your safety, and the safety of your children, is our prioerity.


Flooring care: We are certified to provide flooring care.




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